No More Digital Divide: eCommunity™ Brings Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet to Underserved Communities

eCommunity™ has announced plans to expand its high-quality gigabit fiber internet connectivity to underserved communities across the United States.

In a significant move to bridge the digital divide, eCommunity™ has announced plans to expand its high-quality gigabit fiber internet connectivity to underserved communities across the United States. Understanding that nearly one-third of U.S. households are still without broadband, the company is committed to making this essential service as accessible as other utilities like water and electricity.

Utilizing cutting-edge fiber-optic technology, eCommunity™ aims to offer an internet connection with speeds of 1GB and higher. Unlike traditional cables, fiber-optic cables are less susceptible to severe weather conditions and electrical interference, ensuring minimal outages. Antwon Alsobrook, Founder & CEO of eCommunity™, stated, “The benefits of fiber internet go beyond mere speed. It’s about equipping communities with a resilient and reliable resource, especially where traditional infrastructures have failed.”

In alignment with legislation such as the Affordable Connectivity Program, which recognizes internet access as a utility, eCommunity™ strongly advocates for treating broadband internet as an essential service. The company’s unique open-access model allows multiple service providers to deliver diverse service options, thereby removing the monopoly of any single provider. Furthermore, eCommunity™ offers subsidized internet access to low-income households through partnerships with non-profits and government agencies, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to vital digital resources.

The importance of the company’s mission is underscored by the fact that the digital divide disproportionately impacts low-income and minority communities. “When the public overwhelmingly sees broadband as essential, it’s time to act. The digital divide isn’t just a catchphrase,” emphasized Keith Quarles Jr., President of eCommunity™. “It’s an urgent call to action.”

Hardware is another significant barrier to internet access. To address digital equality on numerous levels, eCommunity™ also connects community members with partners that provide refurbished computers and electronics to underserved communities. This additional support layer further demonstrates the company’s comprehensive approach to solving the problem of the digital divide.

eCommunity™ has already initiated rollouts in Georgia and is evaluating rollouts on a national level for 2024, focusing on low-income urban neighborhoods, rural towns, and neglected industrial corridors.
The company invites all residents and businesses to explore various connection options — whether through fee-based subscriptions or subsidized intranet access — and emphasizes that internet access should be a right, not a privilege.

About eCommunity™ Holdings

eCommunity™ Holdings, a brainchild of A2D, Inc. and Antarctica Capital, specializes in developing and operating open-access fiber networks across the USA. A2D, being a unique entity as the nation’s only African American-owned and operated open access fiber carrier, collaborates to amplify the outreach and impact of eCommunity™ in underserving areas, offering carrier neutral and advanced fiber connectivity solutions. For more details, visit eCommunity’s website.

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