Low Cost Internet

Although our network enables competition, some citizens still can't afford broadband access. We now have providers who are ready to offer discount Internet to those who qualify. #ThePowerofChoices

Low Cost Internet


eCommunity™ enables providers to compete to provide broadband services to anyone connected to our network. Although competition helps lower the cost of broadband-based services, we understand that there will always be a percentage of connected households who can’t afford even the most basic broadband service packages.

To ensure that everyone, regardless of their economic condition has sustained access, we have qualified ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) Providers available for you to choose. See ACP details here.

To be featured as a provider who offer’s discount or “entry” internet access, participating providers must provide a minimum amount of bandwidth, adhere to certain price standards, provide the service without contract and/or credit checks, and waive previous outstanding service debt.

Please check out our participating residential provider
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