more than just a connection

Let us know if you, a family member or neighbor is in need of a computer and/or digital literacy training.

The power of information is just one click away

More and more governmental and educational institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations play a critical role in facilitating access to essential digital learning tools, Internet-based service and computers. Through strategic financial investments, schools and organizations can overcome one of the largest barriers to broadband and computer adoption: cost. We are leveraging our partnerships with participating Service Providers, computer refurbishers, and software companies to help those in need, obtain sustained access to usable computers.

eCommunity™ is dedicated to closing the digital gap, and is proud to work with and promote organizations that are ready to help you get the tools and resources you need to remain a digital citizen.

Device Solutions

Computers are a critical component of digital learning. We are establishing a network of local and national certified computer partners who are ready to help families in need find the best laptop, tablet or desktop computer that meet you and your family's needs and budget. Our partners will offer either free or competitively priced devices and/or software based on your particular need and supplies availability.

How we can help!

We partner with several local and national non-profit and government organizations with extensive experience executing national and local broadband adoption strategies that have provided thousands of households with the resources they need.

Once we connect you to eCommunity™, if you need further assistance, we will pair you up with one of our local community partners that will make sure you have the technical resources you need.