Military Families First: eCommunity™ to Bring Fiber Internet Revolution to U.S. Bases

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – eCommunity™ Fiber, a leader in deploying carrier-neutral, open-access fiber networks, is set to revolutionize internet connectivity on U.S. military bases. Beginning in May 2024, eCommunity’s initiative will commence with a highly anticipated fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet service upgrade at Fort Eisenhower in Augusta. This upgrade will mark a significant step in the organization’s broader plan to revolutionize the internet and digital services for military base residents and businesses across the U.S.

The effort will result in several benefits for military families, including improved quality of life through better internet connectivity, increased access to online educational resources and communication tools, and improved operational efficiency and support for military personnel.

To enhance internet connectivity, eCommunity™ will deploy a best-in-class, high-capacity dedicated network strictly servicing military installations. The project addresses the growing demand for high-speed fiber internet in base housing.

The upgrade at Fort Eisenhower marks the first major communications infrastructure enhancement in 30 years. This groundbreaking project sets a new benchmark for future expansion throughout the year, ensuring military families have access to the most advanced and reliable internet services available.

eCommunity™’s commitment to improving the quality of life for military families is at the core of this initiative. By providing gigabit-plus internet speeds, streaming TV, a la carte online services, telemedicine, and other low-latency products, eCommunity™ aims to transform the standard for military base connectivity.

Jerrald Rector, COO of eCommunity™, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, “Our mission to provide secure, reliable, and fast internet access for all military families is a pivotal step forward. Long overdue, but we have designed a non-civilian based network customized for our nation’s servicemen and women at Fort Eisenhower and beyond.”

As eCommunity™ embarks on this historic upgrade, the initiative is expected to serve as a model for future enhancements across the nation, ensuring that military families enjoy the highest quality digital experiences.

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About eCommunity™ Holdings

eCommunity™ Holdings, a collaboration between A2D, Inc., and Antarctica Capital, specializes in developing and operating carrier-neutral, open-access fiber networks across the US. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for families by offering cutting-edge technological services and infrastructure.

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