eCommunity™ Lights Up Riverdale, GA with High-Speed Fiber Internet, Igniting Community Enthusiasm

eCommunity™, a leader in innovative internet solutions, has completed the deployment of high-speed fiber internet in Riverdale, GA neighborhoods, marking a significant milestone in its mission to connect underserved communities. This completion signifies a new era of digital empowerment for residents who have long been awaiting enhanced connectivity.

The project, characterized by eCommunity™’s state-of-the-art underground fiber network, is a testament to the company’s commitment to building future-ready, resilient infrastructure. The rapid expansion, covering five neighborhoods and over 1100 homes in just four months, showcases eCommunity™’s efficiency and dedication to addressing urgent community needs.

Technicians installing high-speed internet

The response from the Riverdale community has been overwhelmingly positive, with residents expressing relief and excitement at the prospect of finally having access to high-speed gigabit internet. A resident shared, “I have been waiting years for high-speed gigabit internet. I have been paying way too much for my cable bill, and I didn’t know there were any other options out there for [the] internet. I am ready!” This sentiment echoes the community’s broader anticipation and the urgent need for affordable and reliable internet service.

Keith Quarles Jr., President and CFO of A2D Inc., reflected on this achievement. “Bringing high-speed fiber internet to Riverdale is not just about technology; it’s about connecting people to a world of possibilities. We are thrilled to see the community’s enthusiasm and are committed to ensuring a smooth transition to our services.”

The service activation process, which includes installing a new line to each home and personalized in-home installation, is expected to take around 2-3 weeks. This meticulous approach ensures that each household in Riverdale will experience a seamless transition to faster and more reliable internet service.

About eCommunity™ Holdings

eCommunity™ Holdings, formed by A2D, Inc. and Antarctica Capital, specializes in developing and operating open-access fiber networks across the USA. As the nation’s only African American-owned and operated open-access fiber carrier, A2D amplifies eCommunity™’s outreach and impact in underserved areas, offering advanced and carrier-neutral fiber connectivity solutions.

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