eCommunity Fiber Partners with Adtran to Deliver 10+Gigabit FTTx Internet, Accelerating Digital Inclusion in Georgia

In a decisive step toward addressing the digital divide, eCommunity Fiber, a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) based in Georgia, has forged a strategic partnership with Adtran, a prominent broadband technology provider. Together, they are embarking on an ambitious mission to deliver lightning-fast 10+Gigabit FTTx internet to underserved communities across Georgia, including hard-to-reach rural and urban areas.

Georgia, with its diverse landscape of urban centers and rural regions, has long grappled with disparities in internet connectivity. eCommunity Fiber, a trailblazing advocate for digital inclusion, has taken a proactive approach to address this issue. Leveraging key partnerships, including the newly formed alliance with Adtran, eCommunity Fiber is rapidly expanding its reach and empowering residents with state-of-the-art broadband services.

Adtran’s cutting-edge Total Access 5000 (TA5000) Last Mile FTTx access platform, combined with its optical network terminals (ONTs), serves as the technological backbone of this endeavor. Together, these solutions enable eCommunity Fiber to provide 10+Gigabit broadband services to customers in Southwest Metro Atlanta and beyond. This transformative infrastructure not only facilitates rapid connectivity but also significantly narrows the digital divide that has persisted in the state.

Antwon Alsobrook, Founder & CEO of eCommunity Fiber, emphasized the importance of this partnership, saying, “We are leaving no stone unturned in our mission to provide resilient and reliable internet access to all, especially in areas where traditional infrastructures have fallen short. This collaboration with Adtran is a significant step forward in our journey to empower underserved communities across Georgia.”

Adtran’s broadband technology is helping eCommunity Fiber deliver super-fast connectivity to subscribers in Metro Atlanta.

Beyond its technological prowess, Adtran’s modular design and capacity to support various access protocols perfectly align with eCommunity Fiber’s expansion strategy. The addition of Adtran’s SDX 611 Series of flexible GPON ONTs further enhances the network, enabling cost-effective converged residential and business services.

eCommunity Fiber has already initiated last-mile rollouts in Georgia, with plans for further expansion on the horizon. By prioritizing digital empowerment and embracing strategic partnerships like the one with Adtran, eCommunity Fiber is making high-quality 10+Gigabit FTTx internet more accessible than ever before, transforming lives and fostering economic growth in historically underserved areas.

“We are proud to partner with eCommunity Fiber in their mission to make high-speed, reliable internet accessible to all, transcending geographic boundaries and fostering digital inclusion. This collaboration exemplifies Adtran’s commitment to empowering communities with advanced broadband solutions,” said an Adtran representative

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About eCommunity™ Fiber:

eCommunity™ Fiber is dedicated to bridging the digital divide with high-quality 10+Gigabit FTTx internet in underserved U.S. regions. Using a unique open-access model, eCommunity™ Fiber allows multiple service providers to offer diverse options on its network. Currently operating in states like Georgia and Texas, the company plans to expand nationally, focusing on historically underserved areas. Through partnerships, eCommunity™ Fiber also provides subsidized access to low-income households.

About Adtran:

ADTRAN Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN and FSE: QH9) is the parent company of Adtran, Inc., a leading global provider of open, disaggregated networking and communications solutions that enable voice, data, video, and internet communications across any network infrastructure. From the cloud edge to the subscriber edge, Adtran empowers communications service providers around the world to manage and scale services that connect people, places, and things. Adtran solutions are used by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations, and millions of individual users worldwide. ADTRAN Holdings, Inc. is also the largest shareholder of Adtran Networks SE, formerly ADVA Optical Networking SE.

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