eCommunity™ Fiber Expands Its ISP Customer Base with Anthem Connect

In an expansion of its service offerings, eCommunity™ Fiber is proud to announce its collaboration with another internet service provider (ISP), Anthem Connect.

JONESBORO, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES — In a significant expansion of its service offerings, eCommunity™ Fiber is proud to announce its collaboration with another internet service provider (ISP), Anthem Connect, adding to its growing open-access fiber network. This partnership marks a crucial step in eCommunity™ Fiber’s mission to provide diverse, high-quality internet services to underserved communities.

Anthem Connect, is a new expansion from Anthem Broadband, the largest locally-owned internet provider in Idaho, and has been connecting families with fast, reliable service across Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana. Known for its robust fiber optic and wireless networks, Anthem Broadband ensures ultra-fast internet speeds, seamless streaming, and uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing the digital experience for over 23,000 subscribers. Their unique network management guarantees that customer speeds remain consistent, even during peak usage times, setting a new standard in user satisfaction.

Jacob Larsen, MBA IT, CEO of Anthem Connect & Anthem Broadband, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership, stating, “Joining forces with eCommunity™ Fiber aligns perfectly with our ethos of providing top tier customer services at an affordable rate. We have explored several open-access companies and the operators at eCommunity™ have a great platform that seamlessly enables us to expand our customer base and maintain our brand in a new footprint. This collaboration not only extends our reach but also enhances our capability to deliver reliable and honest internet speeds to more communities.”

Antwon Alsobrook, founder of A2D and eCommunity™ platform architect, commented on the expansion, saying, “The addition of Anthem Connect to our network is a pivotal development for eCommunity™ Fiber. It exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the digital landscape by fostering a diverse array of ISP partnerships. These collaborations not only expand our service capabilities but also reinforce our mission to make high-speed internet accessible to all, catalyzing economic growth and innovation in underserved areas.”

These new partnerships are a testament to eCommunity™ Fiber’s commitment to bridging the digital divide. By selectively integrating more ISPs into its open-access network, eCommunity™ Fiber is increasing the availability of high-quality internet options and fostering a competitive market environment that benefits consumers with better services and pricing.

The addition of Anthem Connect to the eCommunity™ Fiber network is expected to have a profound impact on the communities they serve. It exemplifies eCommunity™ Fiber’s dedication to providing comprehensive connectivity solutions that are accessible to all, regardless of their geographic or economic status.

About eCommunity™ Fiber

eCommunity™ Fiber is at the forefront of community transformation, providing essential high-speed fiber cable integration for internet access in underserved regions. Its pioneering open-access model facilitates the construction, ownership, and management of fiber networks that connect residents and businesses to a wide range of service providers, ensuring greater choice, superior service, and competitive costs.

About Anthem Connect

Founded in 1997 by an Idaho potato farmer seeking better internet, Anthem Broadband has grown to become the leading provider of high-speed internet solutions in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana. As they expand their network with eCommunity™ Fiber, they are excited to bring Anthem Connect to Georgia. With a strong commitment to rural and underserved communities, Anthem Broadband serves over 23,000 subscribers while maintaining its core mission to care for and support its neighbors. In addition to internet, phone, and security services, Anthem actively participates in local initiatives that help their communities thrive.

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