eCommunity™ and Futuryst: Pioneering Telecommunication Innovations Through Minority-Led Collaboration

A2D, Inc (the Operator for eCommunity Holdings), an Atlanta-based, open-access fiber competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), and Futuryst, a minority-woman-owned software solutions company, have joined forces to develop the eCommunity™ Billing and Operations Support System (eBOSS). This collaboration, especially significant during Black History Month, unites two minority-led organizations in creating a groundbreaking innovation in the high-tech telecom industry, where minority representation is critically low.

Antwon Alsobrook, founder, and CEO of A2D and platform architect for eBOSS, has joined forces with Carnellia Ajasin, CEO of Futuryst. Together, these pioneers have brought to life eBOSS — a solution designed for the unique needs of lit, open-access fiber networks. Unlike traditional BSS/OSS systems, this revolutionary platform is premise-centric, enabling multiple carriers to provide services to a single premise without compromising neutrality and privacy.

Alsobrook remarked, “Developing eBOSS was a strategic decision to ensure true carrier neutrality in our networks, reflecting our core values at A2D and eCommunity™. We’re proud to have partnered with Futuryst, an organization that shares our commitment to innovation and inclusivity.”

“Our mission is to help conscious industry leaders like A2D, bring unapologetically bold ideas to life. The combination of A2D’s audacious mission to disrupt the status quo of traditional telecommunications delivery norms and Futuryst’s expertise in developing unconventional solutions help bring eBOSS to realization. Developing a platform that addresses the inherent challenges of providing multiple carriers ubiquitous access without directly interfacing with each eCommunity (TM) Network’s back-end element management systems was a key requirement of eBOSS’s visionary Antwon Alsobrook, Founder & CEO of A2D and eBOSS Platform Architect. Working with the eCommunity/A2D Team has been a unique and rewarding opportunity to help bring this groundbreaking product to market,” said Carnelian Ajasin, CEO & Founder of Futuryst, Inc.

Vishal Patel, CTO of Futuryst, further noted, “We help our prestigious clients at Futuryst build unique tech-enabled products utilizing emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Advanced Data Analytics, to name a few. It was a tall task to build the eBOSS platform with its unique premise-centric requirements when we started the journey in the second half of 2022. Through multiple weeks of brainstorming with eBOSS owner and platform architect, Antwon Alsobrook we were able to understand the ins and outs of the open-access framework and together, we designed the eBOSS architecture. By using an API-centric approach with a hybrid-cloud neutral stance, integrating advanced zero-trust security protocols at every layer of the eBOSS system, we ensure secure and authenticated access regardless of the environment to meet the needs of eCommunity’s Tier 1-5 carrier customers and public-private partners.”

Since its launch in March 2023, eBOSS has been fully integrated with the eCommunity™ Last Mile Network, facilitating efficient service provisioning and management. This platform is a daily tool for a wide range of users, demonstrating the effectiveness and necessity of such cutting-edge collaboration in tech.

This partnership not only signifies an advancement in telecom technology but also serves as an inspiring example of minority leadership in technology, as the Black-owned eCommunity partners with the Indian-American-run Futuryst. As we honor Black History Month, this collaboration highlights the critical role of diversity in driving innovation and excellence.

About A2D, Inc:

A2D is a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) that develops open access networks nationwide, focusing on infrastructure improvements in underserved urban and rural communities. As a wholesale fiber carrier, A2D designs and builds networks with scalability, flexibility, and security in mind. A2D’s trademark networks, labeled eCommunity™, cater to the unique requirements of each community they serve, ranging from residential neighborhoods to entire states.

About eCommunity™ Holdings:

eCommunity™ Holdings, a collaboration between A2D, Inc. and Antarctica Capital, specializes in developing and operating open-access fiber networks across the USA. As the nation’s only African-American-owned and operated open-access fiber carrier, eCommunity™ plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide, offering advanced fiber connectivity solutions in underserved areas.

About Futuryst:

Futuryst (formerly known as Mind Katalyst), is an Atlanta-based software platform solutions development firm that collaborates with high-growth B2B and B2C companies advancing people, purpose, and planet. As a technology innovation and sustainability venture studio, we focus on building experiences, products, and businesses that define impact, purpose, and a conscious future. Fortune 500s, civic leaders, and inspiring entrepreneurs engage our agile team to identify problems, design solutions, and invest in scalable, impactful solutions. Futuryst signature design and development process empowers clients in the telecommunication space to efficiently envision and validate sustainable solutions that are a unique product market fit. Futuryst’s expert innovators, designers, researchers, and developers significantly reduce the time it takes to pursue sustainable solutions independently.

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