A New Smart City: Morrow, GA and eCommunity™ Forge Path to Digital Inclusivity for Residents

MORROW, GEORGIA — The City of Morrow, transitioning from its origins as a quaint railway stop to becoming a vibrant commercial hub, is now embarking on an innovative journey toward digital inclusivity. In a groundbreaking collaboration with A2D, Inc., Morrow is set to launch a comprehensive Smart City initiative through the eCommunity™ platform, setting new benchmarks for universal broadband access and closing the digital divide.

The initiative’s core involves deploying an expansive hybrid fiber/wireless network within The District, Morrow’s new town center, extending these advanced services to Southlake Mall. This infrastructure will afford commercial tenants, including the new technology center by Clayton County Schools at Southlake Mall, with scalable, high-speed internet connectivity essential for spurring educational excellence and economic growth.

Southland Mall in Morrow, GA

Antwon Alsobrook, Founder and CEO of A2D, Inc., shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We want The District to be a place where tech-centric students, entrepreneurs, municipal leaders, start-ups, and established companies can come to the Southside to deploy, test, and prove out their device and solutions ideas. We hope that our network will help show what smart city technologies will actually work and have a viable place in the real world.”

Key Initiative Features:

  • eCommunity™ Fiber Network Deployment: Bringing scalable fiber-to-the-premise network to The District and Southlake Mall, starting with 1Gbps connections scalable to 100Gbps.
  • Choice of Multiple Service Providers: Commercial tenants will have the flexibility to select from various internet, video, and voice providers via a single fiber link, including direct cloud connections.
  • Innovation Through IoT Testing: Featuring advanced fiber platforms and integrating diverse wireless networks for comprehensive IoT testing and innovation within The District.

City Manager Jeff Baker expressed strong support for the initiative, saying, “Our partnership with A2D and the integration of the eCommunity™ platform is a transformative step for Morrow. It signifies our commitment to becoming a Smart City, fostering an environment where technology bridges gaps to opportunity, inclusivity, and growth.”

This pioneering initiative not only positions Morrow as a leader in Smart City development but also emphasizes the critical role of open-access networks in advancing the Smart City movement.

About eCommunity™

eCommunity™, powered by A2D, Inc., represents a cutting-edge approach to developing open-access fiber networks dedicated to promoting digital inclusion across the United States. By focusing on underserved urban and rural areas, eCommunity™ aims to ensure that every individual and business has access to essential digital tools for success in the 21st century. The initiative underscores a commitment to digital equity, community empowerment, and the transformative potential of accessible technology.

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