Fiber Tv

You can now watch your favorite shows with fiber internet.

Fiber Tv


eCommunity™ Fiber enables you to stream TV over the internet instead of using your cable TV service. It is the way of the future, it will you save money and give you more control and flexibility of what you watch.

Even if you currently stream TV, we recommend you check out the Link to our  MyBundle page where you can enter your viewing profile and get customized suggestions of Streaming platforms.

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Switching from cable TV to streaming TV over the internet may seem confusing but its actually quite easy. To switch you need 3 primary things:
Fiber Internet

THE MOST CRITICAL ITEM IS GETTING A FIBER INTERNET CONNECTION! Streaming TV requires a reliable symmetric (same upload and download speed) internet connection so that it can move your video signals back and forth and eliminate buffering. Even if you get a lower bandwidth option of 100Mb/100Mb with fiber vs cable you will have the reliability to support 2 to 3 TV/devices streaming TV.

Smart TV or Streaming Device

If you currently have a Smart TV, it has a built-in APP for streaming and you can skip to the next step. If not, you would need to purchase a Streaming Device and plug it into your TV. Roku, Amazon Stick, Chromecast are all common devices for streaming.

Live TV Streaming App Subscription

Once you have your internet connection and TV connected, you are all set to open and create an account with a Live TV Streaming app. Most Smart TV’s have the apps already installed, but YouTubeTV, Hulu, RokuLive are common ones with a range of costs, some being $0 Free. These Live Streaming TV apps provide your local live stations and a customized package of content channels you are familiar with. If you find yourself wanting more stations/channels you can add them directly to your TV. Again these range from free channels to those with a small monthly subscription fee. This process can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, however MyBundleTV has simplied and automated this entire process step for you.

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Have you ever watched a YouTube video on your smartphone or a Netflix movie on your laptop? That’s streaming. It’s the way video and audio content are delivered over the Internet, and has become a popular way to watch TV. Why? Because streaming lets you watch what you want, the moment you want to. You don’t have to wait for a download to finish, your DVR to record, or the show to come on the air. The choice of what to watch and what to pay for is up to you.
Yes! Adding an HDTV antenna to your Smart TV is a great way to stream local over-the-air channels, like CBS and NBC, for free. Setup is a breeze and once you’re done, you can watch local broadcasts from up to 100 miles away, depending on the strength of your antenna. Some Apps, such as RoKu enable these local channels to be added automatically to their app’s live TV program guide, so you can easily view them alongside their other live TV streaming channels they make available.
Join the millions of people saving money by “cutting the cord.” Cable subscribers spend over $120 every month on bundled channels, equipment rentals, and hidden fees—many spend even more. Switch to streaming and save money while still enjoying your favorite TV.
Source: Roku Consumer Insights Survey, 2020
Yes, you can still sign up and enjoy these channels on your streaming device. These services, and many more, are all available directly through your live streaming subscription or as an individual add-on. Also, it’s easy to pause and re-start subscriptions, so you only need to pay for the ones you’re actually watching.
Yes, there are many streaming channels that offer live local sports and news.