Help us build the Digital HWY

Our goal is to connect at least 100,000 low-income urban and rural households by 2021! 

Lifting the veil of the Digital illiteracy

Here are a few ways you can donate resources to help bridge the digital divide in your community:

- Pay the one-time cost to connect a neighbor to eCommunity™.
- Pay the base eCommunity™ monthly access fee to ensure a neighbor has access to community resources.
- Subsidize the monthly cost of Internet Access for a neighbor.

Helping a family bridge the digital divide can truly make a difference in their household.

eCommunity™ works with several 501(c)(3) organization who collect donations to help citizens within their target area. This means all of your gifts are tax-deductible. Our partners will contact you directly to receive your donation and then mail your tax receipt within 4 weeks after receiving it. (Only donations within the U.S. are tax deductible.). Our partners use the donations to help cover connection cost and subsidize monthly Intranet access.


One of our non-profit partners will send you an email or call you to discuss how to collect your donation.