The Digital Sidewalk

Access community resources and select websites without the Internet.

Make the most of the digital world by accessing alway's on intranet resources

that will help you improve your quality of life.

The following resources are just an example of the wesbites that will be accessible via eCommunity™ even if you can't afford to pay your monthly Internet bill.

Connect with Friends and Family

Communicate and share information with your loved ones.

Save Money

Access a wealth of information & online tools to make better financial decisions.

Discover Ways to Stay Healthy

Research how to get fit and improve your family's diet.

Find a Job

Most job ads are posted online. Learn where to go to find a job.

Educate Yourself

Use our Inranet or the Intranet to get the most out of your education. Resources available for everyone from adults to kindergartners.

Join the Discussion

We're building More than just fiber.

Follow us via Facebook @ecommunityfiber to get details about each network we are building and how we can help Eradicate the Digital Divide in your area.