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We are building open access fiber infrastructure to every home, business, and anchor institution. #MoreChoicesComing

We are actively creating eCommunities in both rural and urban communities.

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eCommunity™ is a registered brand of A2D, Inc. Each eCommunity™ Network is owned by A2D and local investors. Therefore we are able to stay independent, representing competition without being competition. We are also able to leverage our networks to help everyone, not just those who can afford access.

Please forward all inquires regarding eCommunity™ and/or any specific eCommunity™ Network to A2D, Inc via the following:

A2D, Inc.
55 Marietta Street, Suite 1800
Atlanta, GA 30303 | 888-457-1005 |

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We're building More than just fiber.

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Breaking the Divide

Out with the old, in with the new

Help us expand eCommunity™ into neighboring towns, cities and counties!
We are ready to work alongside public, civic and business leaders to enable them to leverage our network
to help tackle a wide range of socio-economic barriers. It all starts with you.
Let us know if you are ready to help spread the word!