Access to community resources should not be a luxury, it should be a basic right.

Find out how eCommunity™ is providing access to low-income households without the internet.

Where you're never cut off

eCommunity™ was created to help solve the digital divide by: A) providing a connection not owned or controlled by internet providers; B) establishing a community intranet that links households to certain domains and digital resources; and C) enabling non-profit and government agencies to subsidize the cost of connecting low-income households to community-based services and content.

The end-result, anyone connected to eCommunity™ will never be cut off from the digital resources they need.

To get connected to eCommunity™ Fiber, you have the following options:

Fee-based Subscription Contact one of the participating service providers and subscribe to one or more of their services. Once an agreement has been reached, the provider will coordinate with our team to get you connected to our fiber network. The services you ordered would then be provided to you by the chosen provider(s) across our network. Our Providers

Subsidized Intranet Access Contact one or more of our eProgram Partners to sign-up for community-based services offered across our network. The eProgram Partner will make a determination of how much they will subsidize access to select content and services.

Note: eCommunity™ does not give you direct access to the Internet. You will only be able to access specific website domains, video content and applications.

Below are a list of ePrograms we are developing. Please come back later if you don't see a program of interest.

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Breaking the Divide

IT's time to end the monopoly

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